Jan 21
10 Great Tips for the Perfect Website in 2019

10 Great Tips for the Perfect Website in 2019

What is the point of having a website if no one can find it?  Or after they do, your site is difficult to navigate and poorly designed. A great website increases your sales and dominates your competitors.

Do you want to learn more about having a perfect website? Here are 10 great tips that the experts at Design and Development Minds have compiled to help you get the highest quality website and an online presence that soars. We call them The 10 Musts!

  1. Responsive

    Your website must be responsive. It must adjust to this multi-device world.  With 75 % of consumers using their mobile or tablets to shop, no matter if your visitor is on their iPad or PC, your site must be seen at its best.

  2. Effective

    Your website must be effective. Your website must be focused on taking potential customers and turning them into loyal and satisfied customers. Organic Search Engine Optimization is one of the most cost efficient and effective tools you have. Let the pros at Design and Development Minds lead the way!

  3. Easy to Navigate

    Your website must be simple to navigate. If your readers can’t get around on the website and its pages, they won’t hang around. The navigation on your web pages must be direct, clear, and easy to use.

  4. Quick loading

    Your site must load fast. Online shoppers are impatient. Everybody hates a website that takes ages to load.  We have the technology to reduce your site’s load time by adjusting images and coding that speeds up the process.

  5. Catchy

    Your site must be attractive to the eye.  Websites created by DD Minds are aesthetically pleasing because we know that it’s the integrity of design and the way of its appearance that turn visitors into customers.

  6. Branding and style

    Your site must have a polished and professional logo and branding standards that create a corporate identity. Your website style needs to be a part of that identity. At Design and Development Minds, we have a team of highly skilled artists and marketers who have one job – create a strong brand and provide a harmonious styling that standards for it.

  7. Testimonials and reviews

    Your site must have proof of your expertise. Is there anything better than seeing a testimonial from an adoring customer? There’s no better way to convince them than with social proof that you are dependable and reliable.

  8. A blog or a news feed

    Your site must have a blog or a news feed. Don’t worry you don’t have to write like Shakespeare. But a corporate blog is the best way to keep connected to your customers as well as interactive.

  9. Call to action

    All your pages all must have a call to action or your main contact information. You never know where a visitor may land, so you don’t want to lose an opportunity to get their info and continue the discussion.

  10. Up to date

    Take care of your website. We recommend that we watch after your website regularly to ensure it is up to date and looks fantastic. Design and Development Minds team can maintenance your site and keep it running smoothly.


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