Sep 12
How to Choose the Right Web Design and Development Company

How to Choose the Right Web Design and Development Company

What makes a web design agency top notch? Hint: It’s neither their prime location, fancy office nor their prices. It’s their ability to make your .com shine.

Just like a person’s resume tells us about their experience and most importantly their skills, a company’s reputation and portfolio tells us about how creative and innovative they are. In a manner, it’s an up close and personal view into the company’s soul.


Importance of Great Reputation

All our dealings are based on how big of a name and presence a company has in the market. When you think about hiring a company for web design, you make a list of what you are looking for compared to what the company is offering, along with a pros and cons list that helps you decide which company to choose. A lengthy process that takes a lot of time, but hey, that’s how it’s done.

Here are some tips on how to make sure that the web design company you are about to start working with is a good one and your time won’t be wasted:


Look at their website

They say, “First impression is the last impression”. What is the first thing you do when a friend refers you to an web agency, saying that it offers “exceptional service”? You visit their website, right? This is the moment of truth – how easily you can find what you are looking for will tell you the level of their professionalism. Try visiting The easy functionality of the website, and the calm colors, easy-to-read text will catch your eye immediately. No pesky endless tabs, but simple scrolling and only the most important.


The Company’s Location

In today’s world of technology, you may still want a local firm. Just because the company is located in your area does not mean you need to compromise on quality. We have worked with lots of companies located in the same building or around the corner but did that affect our creativity? Did that affect our quality? Did that shift timelines? No, no and no. So, the next time you decide to go with the local firm, think twice. Is that so important or maybe you should consider other factors?


Experience – Portfolio

What is important and what talks volumes about any web design and development company is their portfolio. We show our portfolio on the front and center of our website. Guess why?! Correct; we are proud of each and single project we do. Our past projects are what give DD Minds a great reputation and put us ahead of our competitors.


The Power of Reviews

Reviews are a deep foray into a company’s inner workings. These tell much more about a company than what you learn by going through the website. While browsing any company’s website you see only the best reviews. It’s like all companies are awesome and all are the best. Could that be true? What you should look at is their reviews on other platforms where you may find honest feedback from real clients.


A Diverse Team

A company that has several teams working on different priorities is what makes a company successful. We have picked out true gems from the crowd and created a team that coordinates efficiently, and work diligently to deliver work of an excellent quality.


Want to discuss your project? DD Minds is ready to take the challenge! We welcome you to bring your ideas, and watch them get designed into reality.