Apr 4
Creative Design

Creative Design

Creative design is important. Just ask Alfred Sloan.

Back in the 1920s, General Motors CEO Alfred Sloan had a problem. The cars his company made were still the best on the market in terms of performance, but his competitors were catching up. Soon, the likes of Ford and Chrysler were going to be just as good as GM engineering-wise, and they were already starting to siphon away customers. So he made a decision that wasn’t popular with the rest of the GM higher-ups. He decided to do what no other car company had considered doing until that moment – Sloan wanted to focus on design.

People don’t care about design, his fellow executives said. They just want fast cars, strong engines. A car gets you from Point A to Point B – who cared about what it looked like? They felt any time and money spend on making a car more physically attractive could be better spent elsewhere. But Sloan could see the writing on the wall. GM’s market share was going to plummet if he didn’t do something drastic. So Sloan created the Art and Color department – the first such department of its kind in the American auto industry – and hired Harley Earl to run it.

Earl –a designer who previously worked with the Allies in World War II to improve the effectiveness of camouflage – was ridiculed when he arrived at GM. His peers referred to the Art and Color department as the “beauty parlor” and those that worked in it as the “pretty picture boys”. Despite all these doubts, Earl’s first project – the 1927 LaSalle – was a tremendous success.

The success of the LaSalle was a sign to businesses everywhere, not just those that belong to the auto industry, that strong creative design can lead to financial success.

Indeed, even today it’s easy to see the connection between how much of a focus companies put into creative design and how easy it is for them to meet their revenue goals. Here’s how strong logo design, brand identity, print media, digital marketing campaigns, web design, and app design will make your business a healthier business:


Logo Design, Print Media, and Brand Identity

We live in a world of options. A few mere decades ago, people only had a handful of available channels on their televisions. Now, we have hundreds.

The same is true with commerce – before, there were only a few shops in town where you could pick up, say, exercise equipment. In 2016, there are an incredible amount of online retailers that can easily ship exercise equipment or any other product from across the world right to your front door.To survive as a business in this hypercompetitive environment, you have to do something to stand out. A striking, memorable logo allows you to do just that.

Building an effective brand takes more than just a logo, though. You have to be consistent with your signature colors and other chosen identifiers on your business cards, promotional products, and other marketing materials, as well as on radio and TV advertising spots.

Doing so will improve awareness of your company, which in turn will improve sales, as more-recognized products are more likely to get picked off the shelves by customers and better-known service providers get more business than the lesser-known.

Also, well-designed brochures, pamphlets, posters, and other types of print media allow you to disseminate valuable information to both customers and staff.


Digital Marketing Campaigns, Web Design, and App Design

Cord cutters and DVRs make TV ads less effective. And with print publications’ circulation numbers dropping lower and lower, prints ads have also become less effective.

At the same time, people are spending more and more time on the internet. Creative design is necessary for crafting engaging internet ads and social media posts that’ll catch people’s attention and possibly turn them into customers.

Sometimes, creative design is more than just what you see. Such is the case with your company website – no matter how good it looks, if it’s difficult to navigate, visitors that you had on the hook will back out and find another site. Intuitiveness is just as important as attractiveness when it comes to your company website – this is why the services of a professional web designer are necessary.

App design also can’t be ignored, considering that since 2014, Americans spend more time on their smartphones than they do their personal computers and laptops. A functional, well-designed app will connect you to many more potential customers, and it’ll help encourage one-time customers to become repeat customers.


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