Apr 3

Is Custom Lettering Right For Your Logo?

Any experienced logo designer will tell you that for your brand identity fonts matter the most. The right calligraphy, or stylized letters, can accurately portray your brand and vicariously peak customer interest. Identifying which lettering is right for your logo can take a great deal of time and effort, especially with all of the custom font options available.

A quick online search will reveal numerous sites offering a wide variety of calligraphy. One such site, Google Fonts, provides a massive inventory of styles for free. Unfortunately, these easy to use font styles may not help your company stand out. After all, if you can freely use the font, so can everyone else.

Another option is to use font websites that offer custom lettering for a specific price. Business owners that pursue this route pay an annual fee for a font license. Although this is a viable option, having to pay out of pocket for a unique font can be cumbersome. Especially if the lettering is used to design your company logo.


To put it simply, cookie cutter fonts are not an ideal solution for creating a custom logo. You want your logo to leave a good impression on potential customers. You want to let customers know instantly what your company stands for. The best way to make this happen is by utilizing custom lettering in your logo.


Take it From a Professional

Using a customized font specifically designed for your company has numerous perks. For starters, no one else can use the font. This makes it possible for customers to instantly identify your company based on unique lettering alone. The marketing potential for this type of style is often used by big companies, such as BBC.

Recently, British Broadcasting Corporations, or BBC, began the implementation of their new brand identity. Customized items, such as a new logo and graphics, were introduced as well as a custom font: BBC Reith. Named after Lord Reith, BBC’s founder, this new font is used across all platforms. From TV to mobile devices, the custom font is not only legible on all devices, it also unifies the company to help them stand out online.


Designing the Perfect Font for Your Logo

BBC created the BBC Reith font via their in-house teams. Although this is not a viable option for everyone, creating custom lettering for your logo is. Tailoring your company logo to match your brand identity offers you the opportunity to generate a distinct style and tone for the services or products you are offering before the customer even reaches your website.

From there, matching the typography, or different styles of lettering, on your website to further enhance the logo enriches the user experience and promotes customer engagement. When properly implemented, this elegant web design tactic can incentivize consumers to share your company with others.

Typically, this occurs when a potential consumer is excited or feels positive emotions after visiting your site. Invoking these joyful feelings can promote conversion or discussion about the unique and wonderful design of the overall site. Think of it this way, if you stand out in the crowd, people want to talk about it.


Hiring the Right Company to Design Your Logo

A customized logo is an image that transcends this limitation. Due to this, business owners can find a specific type of lettering to match their brand identity. Combining this enhancing visual representation with a customized typography is vital to making your website appealing in the digital landscape.

Here at Design and Development Minds, we understand the importance of your logo’s design. This image is the first thing potential customers see when searching for companies in your industry. Your company logo should be strategically designed to promote brand awareness, improve customer interest, and promote conversion. And as a business owner, you deserve to have nothing less.

Which is why we take pride in sculpting an accurate visual representation of your brand identity. To begin this important process, contact us now via the form below. We also advise you to review our inspiring blog article on How To Choose An Appealing Logo For Your Business here. For more information on custom lettering or logo design, contact DD Minds today!