Dec 9

How to choose an appealing logo for your business

Choosing a memorable logo for your business can be quite a task, because there are so many ideas and so many color schemes from which to choose. But there are a few questions that you can ask yourself in order to come to a conclusion about the logo that you want to choose for your business.


What is the nature of your business?

Is your business of a serious and sober nature e.g. a law firm? Or are you running a business with a laidback and casual ambiance, e.g. a party shop?
If you are running an organization that needs to reflect a serious attitude, then a very sophisticated and bold print will be an appealing logo. If you are running a toy store or a dance academy though, then a jazzy and creative logo will go with your business image.
Similarly, if you are running a children’s day care or nursery, then the logo has to be in tune with the image that business wants to portray, e.g. it should have something to do with children or innocence or even safety and security.

What kind of color scheme will compliment your business?

When choosing an appealing logo for your business, one of the most important questions is about the color scheme. This is because this same color scheme will be present throughout the other aspects of your business. For example, the interior will be designed in accordance to the color scheme of the logo, all the merchandise will be of the same color(s), etc.
So how do you go about deciding the color? Think about your organization and see if any color reflects what your business is all about. Color psychology can come handy here. For example, as per color psychology, purple represents royalty and black is sophisticated and glamorous, while blue reflects safety and calmness. So see what you want to impart about your organization to the audience, and choose accordingly.

Do you want the design of the logo to be simple or complex?

This is a personal choice and there is no rule of thumb that goes to dictate the kind of appealing logo you want for your business. Do you want a design as simple as Nike’s or do you want something more intricate like Starbucks Coffee?
Be smart about deciding the intricacy of the logo or its lack thereof. After all, you want a logo that people are likely to remember and associate with your company, so maybe keeping it simple is a better idea.

If you have answered the three questions above, you are likely to be in a better place to decide what kind of logo you want for your company. And based on this information we can better help you to design the fresh and modern look you want for your company.

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