Aug 18
10 Expert Logo Design Tips for Businesses in Washington, DC

10 Expert Logo Design Tips for Businesses in Washington, DC

Logos stand for the entirety of your business. The best logos create a feeling within your customer that is positive and sustainable. On the other hand, bad logos can do just the opposite and allow people to look over you without a second thought. Even worse, they can make people think a business is insubstantial or unprofessional. Logos are the first things your potential customers see and the essential piece of a brand identity package. We’ve assembled ten expert logo design tips to keep in mind as you evaluate logo options.

1. Logo Legibility

One of the most important logo design tips is that people can easily read and understand it. Logos can quickly go from being artsy and cool to ambiguous and illegible. If you can’t easily make out the letters or understand the logo as it connects to your brand, try something different. Following trends because it looks cool as opposed to adding a desired element that reflects your brand precisely can be a major mistake.

2. Colors used

Color theory is important online and on the streets of Washington, DC. You should pick a color that evokes a desired feeling. Did you know that many logos are blue because the color makes people think of trust? Orange can be energetic and green can make people think of the environment. When we put together brand identity packages for our customers, we’ll take a look at the primary and complementary colors that make up your brand guidelines. This means you’ll have logos that appear in your logo and other colors that go well with your logo but aren’t featured in the actual logo.

3. Shape of Logo

Shapes, similar to color, can evoke feelings from people. When it comes to the practical application of your logo though, it will be important to have a version of your logo that fits into a perfect square. Having different logo design options will make it easy to fit your logo into the square shapes needed for social media websites, and the rectangular shapes needed for website headers. Having a variety of logos in different shapes but all similar to each other will give you greater versatility in the long run.

4. Message in Logo

In a competitive city like Washington, DC, the message of your logo is one part that can set you above the competition. When you look at a logo overall, what does it say to you as a consumer? It’s important to take a step back as an employee or owner of a business, and think about what message your logo sends to customers.

5. Tagline

Similar to the message, a tagline is a short saying that gives people insight to your business and mission. There are many taglines that are just as famous as the brand name, becoming a way for you to define and differentiate your business. We work with our customers to develop taglines appropriate for you while encompassing your entire brand identity package.

6. Uniqueness

Standing out in the competitive Washington, DC market isn’t always easy. Some marketing firms crank out logos every hour without stepping back and thinking about the greater implications the design has. When coming up with your logo and brand identity package, it is important to be unique while not going too far to the point that the logo becomes illegible. Catchy logos will grab more attention and stand out against competitors. This is especially important in Washington, DC.

7. Locality

Having local products and services is very important, especially in a large city such as Washington DC. Consumers are more aware of local businesses and want to give them patronage over those headquartered elsewhere. If you can incorporate how you are a local business in Washington, DC into your logo, message or tagline, you can attract local interest that will give you an advantage.

8. Fonts

We love playing around with different fonts that make up our customer’s logos. Whether you would like a font that is fun or serious, elegant or casual, there are thousands of fonts available to match any style. No matter the font that ends up in your logo, it is important to request what typeface was used so that it can be used in future design projects. If your logo uses a custom built font, make sure you can get the font file for all letters, punctuation and numbers, including uppercase and lowercase versions.

9. Define your brand

Logos define brands, they represent all that a company stands for and strives for. Logos should give people a positive reaction and help them associate an idea with a company. The Nike logo is simple, yet it represents movement, which is exactly what Nike aims to have people do. Logos should incorporate lettering and shapes to define a brand and provide a message that makes sense for its particular identity.

10. Logo Versatility

In addition to having different shapes or options for logos, it is also important to have different versions or colors. In some cases, you’ll need a white logo on a black background. While other times, a black logo is needed for a white background. You should have both of these versions along with a four color (cmyk), three color (rgb) and a Pantone® color logo. Printers will often require four color or Pantone® versions while for websites, three color logos reign.

Bottom Line

There you have our expert tips for creating a logo that will make you stand out in Washington, DC or any other large city. We’ve gathered insight advice from our team of designers and marketing managers with tried and true practical experience. From color, shape and font to selecting a tagline and having a wide variety of options, these are key to having a successful logo in this competitive market. DD Minds can create a logo that falls under all mentioned points. All you need to start the process is to contact us by the most convinient way of yours.