Jan 7
How To Start/Run A Successful Business In Washington, DC

How To Start/Run A Successful Business In Washington, DC

The Branding Factor: Why Your Logo, Website, and Digital Marketing Campaigns Are Important

Starting or running a successful business in Washington, DC is more difficult now than it’s ever been before.

First of all, you likely have many local competitors in Washington, DC that offer just about the same thing that you do, probably at a similar price as well. And in the modern business world, in addition to your local competitors, you’ve also got international/online competition to deal with in the fight for the customers you need in order for your business to stay afloat.

With all that competition, you’re going to have to make a successful effort to stand out and make yourself a discernably different (and, of course, better) option than your competitors.

Your logo, your website, and your digital marketing campaigns will allow you to create a unique identity and separate your Washington, DC business from the competition.

In the following article we’ll be highlighting why your logo, your website, and your digital marketing campaigns are necessary for you to survive, let alone thrive, in the current business climate:


Why Your Logo Is Important

There are a lot of generic logos out there: initials of the business with the full name underneath, the name of the business in fancy-looking cursive, etc.

What you need is a logo that isn’t generic. You want a logo that looks professional, yes, but more importantly you need a logo that’s unique.

Coming up with a logo that both encapsulates what you do and is also quite different from the logos that all the businesses similar to yours are using can be difficult. But with the help of a professional Washington, DC marketing expert, you can find an image that’s both relevant and unique.

An example of a logo that meets all this criteria is Nike’s check, which is simple, memorable, and the fluid motion of the image reflects what the company actually does (sells athletic apparel).

Standing out from the competition with a unique logo is sure to attract the attention of potential customers, which will convert a substantial portion of those potential customers into actual customers, which in turn makes it much easier to meet your revenue goals (learn more about how you can get an unique logo).


Why Your Website Is Important

No one uses a phonebook anymore.

Well, they may use their phonebook as a doorstop, or maybe to soak up the excess water after a flood, but no one uses them to look up businesses anymore.

No, when the average person wants to buy something they need, they turn to their computer rather than a phonebook.

In order to convert those potential customers into actual customers, as we put it earlier, you need to make a good first impression. Your website will very likely be where a person is introduced to your business, and an attractive and easily navigable website makes you look more professional than the potential customer’s other option (read useful tips about getting your perfect website here).


Why Digital Marketing is Important

As we said, nobody looks at phonebooks anymore.

Other traditional methods of connecting with customers are also losing their significance – take TV ads for example. It used to be that you couldn’t skip commercials. Sure, you might use that time to fix up a snack or go to the bathroom, but no matter what you did during a commercial break the commercials a company paid for were going to run on the television.

In this modern age, you can’t rely on the expensive and outdated methods such as television, radio, and print advertising. It’s much more cost-effective (and actually effective) for your Washington, DC business to invest in a search engine optimization (SEO) expert to get more people to your website and other digital marketing tactics (check out our blog post on types of digital marketing here).