Sep 26
Our Approach to Digital Marketing

Our Approach to Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: Where to Start

In an ever changing business climate, success can depend on how your market your business and especially how you market your company online.

But where to start can be overwhelming, the experts at DD Minds can assist in the development of  your digital marketing plan and help you decide what digital strategy would have the greatest impact.

What is Digital Strategy and Digital Marketing?

First digital strategy is a plan of action to achieve your goals using online media for marketing. Digital marketing is the actions taken to carry out the strategy. A digital marketing campaign generates leads based on the strategy plan.

How We can Help You

We will help you build your client personas, identify your digital marketing goals and what tools you will need, evaluate any existing marketing strategies, audit and plan your owned and paid media, and finally bring your digital marketing strategy together.

1. Building Client Personas

Before you can market your business you must identify who you are marketing it to. DD Minds will work with you to build detailed client personas or your ideal client. We will do this by researching, employing client surveys, and interviewing your target audience. This will be accomplished by gathering information on current clients, prospective clients, and outside people who identify with your target audience.

We will help you gather and evaluate the following types of quantitative information

  • Where is your website traffic coming from
  • Identify trends in your current and prospective client database
  • Occupations of existing client database, this is especially important for B2B

We will then help you gather and evaluate the following types of qualitative information

  • Challenges of client personas
  • Determine the priorities of your target audience
  • Goals target audience want to achieve
  • Hobbies and interested of your target audience

2. Identify Digital Marketing Goals and Tools

What are the goals of the business? If the goal of the business is a 10% increase in online sales your marketing goal should be to increase online business leads by 50% more than the previous year.

Your owned media is your brand. This can be the information in your About Us page, the descriptions of your products, social media posts, blog content, and infographics.

We will help you decide what strategies are working and what ones aren’t.

DD Minds will help you build your digital marketing strategy using this information and raise your online presence to help you reach your goals. Using this information we will identify content gaps and help you to determine what information is needed.

DD Minds will use the following to create a content plan to fill this gap.

  • Channels for promotion
  • Goals
  • What is the priority level of the content
  • Why you are creating the content

Our experts will help you to measure the effectiveness of your digital strategy and digital marketing tools and adjust your strategy if needed.

3. Audit and Plan Owned, Earned, and Paid Media

DD Minds will evaluate the three media channels and will help you focus on the one that are working to help you meet your digital marketing goals. At the end of the evaluation process you will know which one to continue using and which ones, if any, should be abandoned.

4. Evaluate Existing Market Strategies

DD Minds will help you evaluate the digital marketing channels already in use and what is available to include in your strategy.

  • What is your owned media or digital assets?
  • How are you using earned media?
  • Are you using paid media to its best advantage?

We will help you visualize how these three elements can work together and create a plan to meet your marketing goal.


Through each stage of the strategy process we will help you get a solid vision of the strategy elements that will support your digital marketing plan. DD Minds will have helped you plan your strategy, map out your course of action, and created a structured timeline for the promotional activities to bring your digital marketing strategy together and achieve your goals.