We believe that each company has a story behind it. It’s time to tell your story with help of our graphic artists. DD Minds can help bring your business on point with a complete branding solution.

Between the bread

logo / brand identity

Between-the-Bread came to us looking for a logo and brand identity. They know that a strong logo and brand identity will connect product recognition.

With this in mind we created a logo and brand identity package which clearly sets them apart from their competitors. We accomplished this by stressing Between-the-Bread’s commitment to locally-sourced food that is unmistakable in its quality and presentation and their dedication to reducing their ecological footprint and resource sustainability.


logo / brand identity / marketing campaign

Tangerine came to us looking for branding for their company. They wanted to create a hip image that would convey that their clothing line is cool, fun, and slightly irreverent to their target audience of women in their 20s and 30s.

To accomplish this we created a logo that imparts the stylishness of the brand. In conjunction with a successful marketing campaign and cohesive brand identity, we achieved a visual image that identifies Tangerine brand.


logo / brand identity

Ordamo is a hospitality software solution service company that wanted to create a logo and brand identity that reflected the values and aims of the business as a whole. We began by evaluating the mission of Ordamo and the results they want to deliver.
Using this information we created a logo that identifies Ordamo with food service and developed a brand identity package that communicates the total proposal/promise that Ordamo makes to consumers.

Page Picnic

logo / brand identity

Developed by Swedish entrepreneurs PagePicnic is a tool for creating websites in a matter of minutes. PagePicnic asked us to create a logo and brand identity package for their company that would be recognizable internationally. Built on PagePicnic’s culture and belief that websites should be quick and easy to design we realized that concept could be summed up in three words: “In a Nutshell.”

With that in mind, their logo had to be an image that is synonymous with that catch phrase.

My Carseat

logo / brand identity / catalogue

MyCarSeat is a child safety car seat brand whose mission is to be a one stop shop for child passenger safety services and information. The company approached us to create a logo, brand guidelines and design a product marketing brochure and catalogue.

The first step in the process was to create a logo and identify the brand. To accomplish this we chose a heart with a smiling baby nestled inside to represent their concern for child safety. Our creative team also carried that theme throughout the branding guidelines and marketing materials.


logo / brand identity / packaging design

Cannelle came to us looking for a logo for their brand as well as packaging for their products. Cannelle Patisserie is a French bakery located in the heart of Queens in New York City. Cannelle’s brand statement “Savor Your Appetite and Treat Yourself to a Royal Delicacy” sums up the elegance of pastries prepared which are made by the Finest Pastry Chefs in America.

We designed a simple but stylish logo for Cannelle Patisserie that is as delicate as the pastries they sell.

Sweet Sally

logo / brand identity / label design

Sweet Sally Tea is a fast growing company with the aim of changing the restaurant, bar and pub landscape for soft drinks. The founder of Sweet Sally came to us for help with logo, labels and product launch campaign. Stressing that Sweet Sally Tea is a freshly brewing organic tea made with all-natural ingredients and is less sweet with more flavor, it was important that the logo conveys the pureness of the product.

Our designers created a refreshing logo and line of labels with green tea leaves and the Sweet Sally brand name.

Thin tea

logo / brand identity / labels / packaging design

ThinTea is a weight loss aid. The ThinTea detox is designed to cleanse, detoxify, and speed up metabolism and burn fat. The owners of ThinTea approached us to create a logo, labels, business cards, and packaging for their all natural products.

We felt it was important to design a logo which had a pure look to it. For this we chose to use a simple leaf design with the ThinTea brand name. We used this theme for their packaging and labels to market a brand identity.