Dec 12
10 Secrets for Successful Social Media Marketing

10 Secrets for Successful Social Media Marketing

How Social Media Can Help You

Social media marketing builds awareness for your business, services, or products, it’s the quickest method to get your message out.  A twitter message that goes viral can spread a message around the world in a matter of minutes to more people than radio or TV can. The most popular forms of social media today are YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

Before you begin your social media marketing (SMM) campaign there are a few questions you will need to consider to make it successful.

  • What do you want to achieve with SMM?
  • Who will manage your SMM campaign?
  • How will your followers benefit?

Once you have answered these question and planned your strategy, it’s time to begin your digital marketing activities. Social media is the newest market influencer, studies are showing more and more businesses are using the platform to find and gain new customers.


Building Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Employ the following 10 steps to build a successful SMM campaign and make you media presence known.


  1. Choose the Platforms You Will Use

If you are a beginner to social media marketing or digital marketing you should concentrate on one or two platforms. Choose your platform by analyzing the platforms other is your niche use and which ones are most successful. Follow niche leaders on the platforms you use to gain followers.


  1. Increase your Followers by Optimizing your Profile

Optimizing your profile will help you connect to people who are searching for your services or products. Include a photo of yourself in your profile people like to see the face of the person they are following. Write a description of your business, make known your experience and expertise. Your profile should suggest the type of information you plan to share, and include a link to your website. An optimized profile will help increase your SEO success rate as well.


  1. Connect your Website to your Social Media Account

Each platform has its own procedure to connect your website. Be sure to follow each platform’s instructions to link your website and/or blog. This link will help search engines find both your website and your social media page.


  1. Add Buttons to your Website Connecting to your Social Media Page

A well designed website that is attractive with buttons above the fold will help readers share your content.


  1. Share Interesting Original Content

Be sure you share original content that is relevant. Be creative mix up the format of the content you share. A blog that is kept updated is a good way to share information with followers.


  1. Share Lots of Images and Videos

Make sure to share lots of photos and videos. Pictures are a powerful way to gain attention and share information. Images tend to get noticed more than plain text.


  1. Listen to Your Followers

Listen to what your followers are saying. What are their problems? What are they looking for? Decide the way to use your expertise to help them.


  1. Share Consistently

Be consistent sharing information. Share valuable information at least once a day. Try to share a unique piece of original content at least once a week. If you write a blog, set a schedule when new blogs will be posted and stick to the schedule. If you write interesting blogs and post regularly you will gain regular followers.


  1. Post Often but don’t be Too Aggressive

High quality content will engage readers to follow your posts and share the content with others. Responding to comments in real time will increase the power of your social media marketing campaign. High quality content and quick responses will make you an influencer instead of a follower.


  1. Analyze and Optimize

Try posting different types of content at different times of the day. Analyze how responses are affected by the different posting times or different content type. Utilize the results of the analysis to optimize the effectiveness of future posts.



Choosing the social media platforms that are the best fit for your business niche, following the right business leaders, and optimizing the quality and relevance of your content will promote your social media marketing efforts and increase number of people who follow your page.

Social media can be a powerful tool when used to its best advantage.